About us

Unicef is here for every child in danger. We help more children than any other organisation. We keep them safe when war or disaster strike. We provide life-saving food, clean water and vaccinations. We protect them from violence and exploitation. We give them a safe place to laugh and play. We get them into school and give them the chance of a better future. All over the world, including in the UK, we’re working with our partners and supporters to make the world a safer place for every child.

Our Strategy 2018-2022

Our strategy is designed to help us achieve even more for children. To protect more children from danger. To save more lives. To create more opportunities.

The world has made tremendous progress in advancing children’s rights and their lives over the past few decades. Unicef has made a huge contribution to this and we should be extremely proud of our work.

And yet today, children need us more than ever.

Our strategy sets out how we will tackle these and other issues and achieve our vision and mission. It is built aroundfour causes that describe why we are here and the change we want to see for children.

It shows how we will measure the delivery of these causes through income (resource unlocked), influence (policy change) and impact (change for children). It sets out four overarching objectives describing how we will do this.

Objective 1:
Achieve exceptional public engagement

Objective 2:
Build on our great partnerships

Objective 3:
Develop tomorrow’s supporters

Objective 4:
Build an organisation for the digital age

Individual Giving Strategy

The Individual Giving programme inspires the UK public to make Unicef part of their life; in order to raise the income and influence the change that is needed to make a world fit for every child.

The Individual Giving programme combines Direct Marketing, Gifts in Wills, Public Fundraising (Communities and Events) and Supporter Services to deliver more than £48m (57% of the organisation’s voluntary income) in 2019. Individual Giving income has grown in recent years and the strategy is to build on this success by identifying audience-led opportunities to adapt to the changing world - so that we can protect our future pipeline of income, engagement and innovation for the children that we support here in the UK and around the world. You can see our full team organisation chart here.

The Unicef Way

We pull together to achieve the best possible results for children in danger around the world. We believe in a happy workplace and in the power of fulfilled colleagues who share the same values and goals, enjoy their work and are motivated to do their utmost for children. This belief is key to our continued success and the achievement of great outcomes.

We tell it like it is. We’re proud of what we do and we don’t shy away from the truth.

To achieve great things with, and for, children, we need to speak out and be courageous.

We passionately believe in making the world better for all children, and we inspire others with that belief.

We know what we’re talking about and are a voice people trust. We understand that power of both head and heart and take decisions based on evidence.